• Building the Future Today: Economic development requires team effort

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    December 06, 2018

    Economic development is something that benefits from a team effort. It involves residents, schools, retailers, other businesses, and the work of the City of Lompoc. It’s a matter of developing the economy, as a team, by working with and through these “players.”

    A fundamental of development is goal-setting. Recognizing the importance of goals, the city and economic developers have identified specific things to achieve in the near and distant future. Some of our goals include:

    • Increasing and supporting achievement of our students and preparing them for success;


    • Increasing and supporting businesses, large and small, which is good for residents and businesses for jobs and places to shop and enjoy;

    • Increasing and supporting those that provide city services such as first responders, water, waste, utilities and other contracted providers;

    • And several others.

    Lompoc is not alone. Cities around the Central Coast, around the state, and around the country develop their economies through the support of locals (recent and old-timers), as well as outsiders. Many of these have had success utilizing the best of their city and working together to achieve the goals.

    One such “success city” that may serve as a good example is Decorah in northeast Iowa. Decorah is often referred to as the “hill country of Iowa.” The nearest large city is Rochester, Minnesota, home of the Mayo Clinic, over 70 miles north.

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