• EW Nutrition invests in Adel, Iowa

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    August 31, 2017
    Ground breaking step into the future

    EW Nutrition invests in new manufacturing facility in Adel, Iowa, USA
    Higher production volume and new production lines

    Adel, Iowa August 2017: With the official ground breaking ceremony for a new production plant EW Nutrition USA continues its successful development from the previous years. On Wednesday August 23, 2017 the construction phase for the new manufacturing facility was launched. Numerous guests, as well as local politicians and business community members of the European Management Board attended the initial ceremony. The new manufacturing site allows higher production volumes of existing product lines and development of new innovative technologies for the American market. This will result in EW Nutrition USA providing many more excellent jobs to the local market place.

    “EW Nutrition USA plays an important role regarding our strategy to intensify our efforts internationally. Increasing production capacity and the capability to serve the market with new product lines directly from the USA will bring us closer to our customers and it will be easier for us to collaborate with them and create efficient solutions for their animal feeding requirements,” states Jan Wesjohann, member of the owner family. “This is the motive for the considerable investment in the Adel, Iowa site and the American market. This site is a significant step into the future as the American public continuous to challenge animal producers to reduce the use of feed-grade antibiotics.  We are confident we chose the right place to create the future.
    The company, with its global headquarters in Germany, plans the production of classical feed additives and specialized new and innovative supplements that are based on secondary plant compounds. Therefore, a new production facility with new manufacturing capabilities will be installed and built. The initial phase will also include a QC/product development laboratory, a logistic and warehousing unit plus a new office building.  We estimate that the number of employees will increase by 10 people by 2020. At this site we will install modern and cutting edge production equipment and technologies. This coupled with good integration with leading companies in the agricultural industry makes us feel very positive and excited about the coming years“, explained Mark Richards, president of EW Nutrition USA. Regarding the production of feed additives based on secondary plant compounds Richards and his team envision to increase their leading market position for a second generation of modern feed additives.

    About EW Nutrition
    EW Nutrition GmbH is a dynamic company, globally active with a strong science based product portfolio in the field of functional, innovative feed & food additives.

    In 2010 EW Nutrition entered the American market with the acquisition of MLR Innovations and started to grow a successful US business. Combined with increasing production volumes and the launch of new product lines in their portfolio, the team of EW Nutrition USA continuously expanded to ensure a high level of customer support. So much so that EW Nutrition USA has outgrown the existing equipment and facility in Des Moines. In light of market potential and actual business growth the decision for a fundamental new start was quickly taken and the investment into the new site was made.

    The current product portfolio includes Natural Egg Immunoglobulins (Globimax®), Toxin Solutions (Mastersecure®), Microencapsulated Secondary Plant Compounds (Activo®), MOS (Bgmos®), Slow Release Source of Nitrogen (Prote-N®), Probiotic Solutions (Progressiv®), Silage Inoculants (Stabilac®), Sanitary and Care Products (Agrochemica®, Humavet®).

    EW Nutrition headquarters and subsidiaries Agrochemica and Humavet are located in Germany. Other locations include EW Nutrition USA (Des Moines), GRASP (Curitiba, Brazil), EW Nutrition Japan (Gifu), EW Nutrition China (Beijing), EW Nutrition South East Asia / Pacific (Singapore), EW Nutrition Turkey (Istanbul), EW Nutrition South Africa (Johannesburg), EW Nutrition Australia (Griffith NSW), EW Nutrition Poland (Puszczykowo), EW Nutrition India (Noida) and EW Nutrition Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City).
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