• Former School, City Hall Now Grinnell Boutique Hotel

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    October 04, 2017
    For weeks, Angela Harrington had been getting the same question: when would the Hotel Grinnell open?

    That answer is now.

    In an effort spanning at least 10 years, city leaders and Harrington had been trying to figure out how to open a hotel downtown.

    After the City Hall moved out, things began to fall into place, including an investor partner and some assistance from a state program.

    “The challenge in a small community is that the critical mass just isn't there to support it,” said Harrington. “Nevertheless, we really need variety of accommodations in a small town."

    Harrington credits the city manager and City Council, along with the State of Iowa for making this happen.

    "I started with all kinds of big towns like Chicago, Denver, and even Omaha, New York, and really looking at what the trends were in lodging in the boutique industry,” said Harrington. “Small places that really have a sense of place, where there's all kinds of things to do close by.”