• Nearly All Counties In West-Central Iowa Saw Decrease In Unemployment When Compared To Last Year

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    February 04, 2019
    Following the announcement that Iowa’s unemployment rate is the lowest in the country, Iowa Workforce Development has released data for individual counties. Carroll County had the lowest unemployment in the region for December of 2018 at 1.7 percent, followed closely by Sac County at 2 percent and Greene at 2.1. Calhoun County recorded a 2.3 percent unemployment rate, Guthrie at 2.5 and Audubon County at 2.6 percent. The highest rate in the region was in Crawford County, which came in at 4.3 percent and behind only Marshall County for highest in the state. Compared to 2017, unemployment rates improved or remained the same in the area. Sac, Calhoun, Carroll and Audubon Counties all saw a 0.3 percent drop in those without jobs. Crawford and Guthrie Counties saw a 0.2 percent decrease. Greene County remained unchanged. These are in comparison to an unemployment rate of 3.9 percent across the nation and 2.4 for the state.

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