• Red Oak laborshed study results released

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    December 04, 2018

    Red Oak officials are pouring through the indicators revealed in a recent study of the city's workforce.

    Results of a laborshed study of the city of Red Oak were recently released by Iowa Workforce Development and the Iowa Economic Development Authority. Shawnna Silvius is executive director of the Montgomery County Development Corporation. Speaking on KMA's "Morning Line" program Monday morning, Silvius says the study serves as an important tool for recruiting new business and industries to the area.

    "What that does for us local officials and economic developers," said Silvius, "is it helps us determine or identify opportunities for industry expansion and recruitment, also other services that could support such type of efforts. So, it helps with marketing, and trying to reach out to job seekers, and job opportunities to try to fill our jobs."

    Silvius says 62 of Red Oak's 130 employers returned the survey--or almost 48% percent. She says one of the more interesting results entailed the amount of workers living outside city limits, and commuting for work.

    "First and foremost, 53% of our employees live and work in Red Oak," she said. "So, 47% actually commute into Red Oak to work. That is a fairly high significant number. And also, 23.9% commute out. I was actually a little surprised by that. I thought that would be a little higher than that. That's about 641 people within Montgomery County and Red Oak actually commute out of the county to work."

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