• The Best Places for Children in 2017

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    August 16, 2017
    When it comes to raising children location is important. Parents want their children to have the opportunity to attend the best schools and also to enjoy their childhoods and make friends. But many places with the best schools and the best economic opportunities tend to be the least affordable. SmartAsset considered these and other metrics to find the best places for children in 2017.

    Key Findings

    • Three-time champ – For an impressive three years in a row, Cedar Rapids is the best place for children in America. The Cedar Rapids area has some of the best schools and highest-performing students in the country. It also scores high marks for intergenerational mobility.
    • Move to the Midwest – All but one of the top 10 places for children are in the Midwest. Midwest metro areas tend to do a good job graduating students and come with plenty of entertainment options for local children.
    • Struggling South Last year, we highlighted Florida as the state which was letting its children down. This year Florida improved with only one Sunshine State metro area in the bottom 10 places for children. However, Southern metros still dominate the bottom of this list, claiming seven of the 10-lowest spots.
    See the full report and the 2016 version of the study.