Programs & Services

    Membership in ICCE is voluntary but essential to the development of chamber professionals and local communities.  Membership in ICCE provides local chamber staff with countless benefits including:


  • Through two conferences each year, regional meetings and training sessions offered by ICCE.

  • ICCE has launched a series of meetings, one in each region across Iowa, to help garner member input and provide updates between each chamber. These meetings give the organizations the opportunity to provide direct input to both ICCE and other chamber staff regarding current issues, efforts, programs and growth within Iowa.

  • Whether the listserve, e-newsletter, website or Facebook page there are many opportunities for local chambers to stay in touch with their peers while keeping abreast of the latest products and national trends.

  • As a member of ICCE local chambers are also a member of Mid-America Chamber Executives (MACE).  MACE is a multi state regional organization that connects Iowa chambers to chambers in our area for networking, peer counseling and information exchange. While local chambers may not be members of the US Chamber and ACCE on their own, membership in ICCE brings the resources of those organizations to the local chamber through our state association.

  • In our ever changing industry, it is tough to keep up with everything. We want to make it easier to understand the benefits and tools that ICCE provides. This essential training will give you an overview and understanding into the importance of ICCE, how to become involved in our programs and other essential first steps to your membership.

  • The Iowa Legislature meets from January through April or May of each year. ICCE provides updates to the local chambers on business issues that affect Iowa. While we do not lobby the local chambers need access and information to have educated discussions with their elected officials and membership. When available and through our national partners we will also update ICCE members on federal issues.

  • ICCE provides this resource as a way for Iowa chambers to explore new ideas and implement the best practices all in one location. Once logged in, you will have access to best practices, documents, presentations, forms and more all at your fingertips.

  • ICCE offers scholarships to not only our own conferences but regional and national professional development opportunities as well. Past scholarship offerings have included Institute for Organization Management, American Chamber of Commerce Executives Annual Conference, US Chamber Government Affairs and Mid-America Chamber Executives.