• Strong Chambers – Stronger Iowa

  • Extensive ACCE research indicates that chambers of commerce will need to evolve even more rapidly in the future, if they are to remain relevant and effective.  

    Chambers of commerce in population centers likely will have the resources and the professional leadership to keep up with the evolving demands that are being required to sustain their cities.  The question becomes one of sustainability of Iowa’s smaller towns and cities.

    Because of this looming problem within the chamber profession, ICCE has partnered with Tri-Advantage consulting group to create a chamber executive training and mentor program. By training our leaders within the smaller communities, it helps them be competitive and drive growth.

    With a goal to effectively deliver support and mentoring to Iowa’s smaller community chambers of commerce executives, we believe that chamber members who participate in this program will retain more leaders, drive more economic development and retain more chamber professionals within their organizations.

    Strong Chamber - 1 Year Exclusive Training

    Executive Mentoring

    Organizational Analysis

    Board Assessment