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Partnership Opportunities

Iowa Association of Chambers of Commerce (IACC) is a nonprofit organization comprised of nearly 100 chambers of commerce members. Local chambers of commerce serve as the catalyst to business growth. They are the link between and convener of decision-makers and community leaders. As the statewide association of local chambers, IACC exposes our membership to cutting-edge, creative and usable ideas that enhance local chamber management.

We are intentional about supporting and developing chamber professionals, equipping them to become leaders in their communities. As a local starting point for networking, information and professional development, we look for continued support from our partners to enhance the excellence of the chamber of commerce industry in all aspects.

Your financial support of IACC is not only an investment in the chamber of commerce industry and profession, but an opportunity to connect and grow your organization through a targeted market.

Through your partnership as a member or advertiser, we look forward to working together to grow communities across Iowa! IACC has restructured several partnership opportunities for you to take advantage of. Please check out our NEW Partnership Kit below.

Speaker's Directory

Our chamber of commerce members throughout Iowa are constantly looking for professional speakers, trainers and keynotes to present at their member events and beyond.

The NEW IACC speaker's directory is provided to all chambers as a member benefit. Chambers may use the directory to source speakers for their own events/trainings, as well as other community/business events.

A listing in the directory is available to professional speakers or trainers who would like their services advertised to chambers throughout the state. Any IACC member who is seeking a speaker will be directed to this list. Members will be encouraged to reach out to a speaker directly for requests.

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