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  • Welcome Iowa Chamber of Commerce Executives 

    Formed in 1916 to enhance the professional development of local chamber executives and professional staff, ICCE continues as the first stop for reaching the business community of Iowa. Innovation with economic development, entrepreneurs and job creation is critical to the growth of local communities. ICCE’s leadership and staff work daily to prepare the local chambers and business leaders to meet the changing demands on our local communities. Improving local communities strengthens Iowa.

    Through networking, communication and education ICCE will focus on growing chamber professionals. Local chambers of commerce serve as the catalyst to business growth. They are a link and a convener of decision makers and community leaders. As the statewide coalition of local chambers, ICCE will expose our membership to cutting edge, creative and usable ideas that enhance local chamber management. Focused on volunteer management, revenue, legislation, economic development, events and volunteer relations, local chambers will take the information on trends and best practices and apply them to their local communities. ICCE is governed by a Board of Directors that oversees the management of the organization.








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