• ICCE Scholarships

    Iowa Chamber of Commerce Executives believes in professional development as a means to strengthen the industry as well as local communities. Each year ICCE offers scholarships to our own conferences as well as regional and national association continuing education meetings and events.

    Attending a conference is a great way to brainstorm new ideas for your members and ICCE wants to help you make that possible.  ICCE strives to be the preferred choice of Iowa Chamber Executives and staff for professional development and industry enhancement.  In that spirit, ICCE is offering scholarships for four conferences.

    The scholarship recipients are announced at our Annual Meeting in April. Applicants must be ICCE members in good standing and are required to attend the one day conference, April 12 where awards will be given.

    Scholarship offerings include:

    • Mid-America Chamber Executives (MACE) Annual Conference

    • U.S. Chamber Institute for Organization Management

    • U.S. Chamber Government Affairs Conference

    • ICCE Fall Conference

    If you are interested in recieving any of the scholarships available, please fill in the application below.

    ICCE Scholarship Application

    ICCE Scholarship Application

    ICCE 2017 Scholarship Application
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