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    ICCE is managed by Dowell Management, an association management company with offices in the Des Moines area and Saint Paul, MN. Contact them at info@dowellmgmt.com or 651.221.0850 for more information on sponsorships, presentations or with any questions.

    To learn more about Dowell Management, visit their website.  

    Shar Pardubsky, On-site Executive Director

    Shar Pardubsky worked at Greater Des Moines Partnership as sr. vice president (2001-2009) and at the Greater Des Moines Chamber of Commerce Federation (1996-2001) before becoming the ICCE executive director in March 2014. She also served on the ICCE board and executive board, as well as the Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute board, and as board liaison for the 21 affiliate members of the chamber partnership.